Riyadh, KSA
Ticketing Hospitality

For Glory

In December 2022, Riyadh is preparing to host one of the biggest International events, Jump Saudi. With two weeks of thrill and excitement awaiting the attendees; in addition to the suspense of the showjumping sport, unique entertainment activities, captivating galleries and concerts as well as an arts and crafts section.

The event will commence with CSI 1* ahead of the adrenaline-pumping CSI 4* and CSI 5* in which the qualification for the World Cup will be determined.

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Seize the best of moments and relish in the luxuries and sophistication of the VIP area.

The VIP area was designed to make you have the most marvelous and dazzling experience watching the event; whilst providing a luxurious level of hospitality and enjoying an entertainment-filled day in a pleasant ambience along with your friends and family in the lavish reception area.
High end lunch & dinner
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Concert of Qanun
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