Riyadh, KSA
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Everything you need to know about the Village & Activities on offer

ديسمبر, 07 2021

Village & Activities

We have divided the village experience between four main zones: Al Hadab (The Cliff) - Nabad (Pulse) - Al Midan (Square)- Al fares (Knight).

It is an outstanding experience that will take the client on a journey that indulges all senses through non-stop entertainment including folkloric shows, live DJs and bands, Luxury casual dining options, a shisha lounge and selective shopping experiences.


This weekend will feature the best caterers in town. A unique dining experience that mixes fine dining with street food experience.




Library Club


Fan Balela Zaman Al Hejazia

Craft Booths:

Object SA

Personage SA




Art Zone:

Creating an artistic journey that mixes the beauty of horses in relation with the Arabic Sands, the Authenticity of traditional oriental carpeting with a modernity touch by the best graffiti artists and customized lightboxes, adding an artistic experience to Jump Saudi customer journey.

Kids Zone: Knight (Al Fares)

Offering children a full entertaining experience allowing kids to understand and utilize the outfits of horse riding, the basics of horse riding trying to discover the hidden knight inside them, the experience includes orientation, dress up, ride, digital photography & certificate along with arts & craft activities and Happy meal stations.

Lounge Zone:

Where all our F&B partners cater our guests in a charming ambience connecting three zones cliff, pulse & Midan experience vary from fine Japanese to Italian & Asian to Shisha lounge & street food.

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